Sunday, May 17, 2015

Back on-line, well, maybe...

Three and a half years, almost to the day. Three and a half years since the last posting. I've still be around, still quilting, still traveling, still living life. A lot had occurred in these last three and a half years...

Quilting: I still make quilts, not in the volume or quantity my aunt does, but I still make them. I've made a couple bags during this time as well. Recently, I made this beauty:

I named it Jelly Star, only because it was made with a Jelly Roll and has a star pattern. Nothing special, but it is pretty.

Travel: Hubby and I have been to Cabo San Lucas, 4-wheeling on the Piute Trail, hiking in Bryce Canyon and Zion's National Park, and to the Black Hills of South Dakota. We've been to Wendover, Rock Springs, and south to Scenic, Arizona. Okay, Scenic is just outside of Mesquite, but that is where my parents have decided to retire. They bought the home last year and will be moving in FULL time very shortly. Like Dad only has days left to work. I have so many pictures of our travels...I may post some, may not post any. Oh! We've been to Washington, DC as well...Beautiful city and the history is incredible.

Life: Hubby and I lost our most precious Oreo in September 2012. Such an incredibly difficult day. She got so very ill, so very fast. I know it was the right decision as her quality of life was so important; but I sure miss her even to this day.

After 2 years, we decided we were ready for another fur baby to enter our lives. Once hubby said let's get another, I wasted no time finding a baby. Meet Trixy, our furry little spit fire. I had forgotten how busy puppies were and how much they nibble and bite and chew and bite. She's gotten my father twice. Trixy entered our lives in August 2014 and has been an joy despite the bites. She is hubby's "Pretty Perfect Puppy Princess" or "Director Furry."
The day we brought her home.

Finally, I have taken up the hobby of knitting. Although I am quilting and creating in that manner, I thought knitting was an easier hobby to take on the go. It is...and I've made some bags, socks, scarves, hats, and slippers. I'll keep creating, knitting, and quilting. Great relaxation.

There has been more that happened in the last 3 years...I'll post as I can and think about it.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Possibly selfish?

I did make a bag for myself a couple years ago, but then I was making several "knitting bags." I altered the pattern just a little to make the bags suitable for carrying projects and tools, ie bigger. The bag I made for myself was bigger, but didn't have all the pockets.

I decided it was time to make myself another bag. Regular size for more daily use. Aunt Kathy had given me a button and leather handles to make a bag for myself and they sat on the shelf for a long time. I had chosen material over a year was sitting with the button and handles.

The finished project, complete with sparkles:

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Steve and I go to games U of U football games 1-2 times per year. This year: 2 games!! What an awesome game...FOOTBALL WEATHER!!  Snowing as the game started, by the end of the, yet doable.

My AWESOME mother knitted me a red hat just for this game! It was beautiful and kept me very warm. In fact, if I could make it through a Chicago Bears game in December, this would not be a problem. Between hand warmers, thermals, my Olympic parka, and layers; I was more than sufficiently toasty. Oh, the hot chocolate from Brent helped to! Thank you Brent!!!

Snow as we arrived.

All bundled up...and my beautiful red hat.

The marching band was the best I've ever seen them. They formed a fighter jet during their halftime show!

Brent in his hat.
Side view...GO UTES!

John White TOUCHDOWN!!! He's the red blur in the lower frame. I so wish this picture would have turned out better!

PAT good!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

PUPPY PARTY--Happy Birthday Oreo!!!

My puppy is "old!" Oreo is 14 years old on November 7th! She still tries to play, but gets tired so easily. Oh, and she can't hear a thing. Even the door bell doesn't get her barking anymore!

In celebration, some of her closest friends came over. Oreo sent an email and Chloe was the first to answer. Chloe was also the first to arrive with gifts in tow. Oreo got a great duck, just her size. Aunt Kathy made sure Oreo got the first bite off the pizza. She got awesome new toys (purple of course!), treats and a birthday pizza from a local doggie bakery (Ma and Paws). Oreo's guests received party favors too: tacos, peanut butter swirls and a ball. I think she'll sleep like a rock tonight!

Getting a good picture was not easy...she wanted her pizza!!!!

Chloe got the second piece.

Jessica and Irish
SO happy, Jessica with her kiddos, Mia and John, and Charee with her little boy, Ryker came with their dogs: Irish, Kiki, and Robby. Steve had to work hard to entertain the kids. The dogs had a great time running all over. Very good afternoon! Oreo had a great time with her friends. I had a GREAT time catching up with Jessica and Charee. Seriously, have GOT to get together with them more often! The kids are adorable...Ryker kept telling Steve to give me a baby. I am so blessed to have such GREAT people in my life. Thanks for coming ladies!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I broke down...

I usually will not complete quilting projects to sell. I have a feeling if I do the quilting for profit it will be more like a job rather than my relaxing outlet. But, when the boss asks, I had to seriously reconsider my philosophy. So I did it, I completed the bag for her mother. It will be her Christmas present, who can say no to that? I've made several of these bags, as you are aware...everyone really likes to use them as their knitting bags. Well, my boss's mother was so admiring of her boss thought she could get one for her mother for Christmas. So I had my boss pick out some colors and tada! Sparkles and all!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Admittedly, I have not been really excited about Halloween this year. I'm not sure if it's because I'm so busy at work, or what...but I'm just not into it. Steve and I are going to a party, but not even dressing up this year.  We're going to be a health care provider and an original.  I didn't even get my Halloween decorations out of the basement this year. Guess I'd better get in a better mood for the Holidays...

I did make a "cake" for the party. For my birthday this year, my cousins Beth and Louis, got me a cupcake's huge. It's cake-size. I made a cake and attempted to turn the huge cupcake into a pumpkin. Not to bad, right?

Next year, I hope I'm more excited about Halloween. We go to this party every year and I have some really great ideas for costumes. :)

Happy Halloween to all!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wedding Weekend

Another VERY late post, but at least it's posted.

My best friend from junior high got married!! She had asked me to be a part of her wedding...a very important part: Matron of Honor. What an honor! Since she lives in Arizone (currently), I live in Utah, and the wedding was in Colorado; I was not so much a part of the planning. Really, her mother did a lot of the running around and planning after she told mom everything she wanted. Amazing what all those pic messages and text messages can do! Melissa told us the day was everything she wanted, I sure hope so!

She did not have a bridal shower so I made her an emergency bag as part of her present. Yes, it was one of the bags I make, but it was in her colors and FILLED with all the emergency supplies: super glue, chapstick, double sided tape, deodorant, bobby pins, safety pins, sewing kit, and even tequila.  The bag was a hit and very handy. Just after she walked into the reception, her toasting glass was bumped and the stem broke in two. She told everyone, "Don't worry, Trina has super glue!" was in the bag. Thanks to my mother, she held the glass until the glue dried and the toasts went well. Even my toast went okay...yes, she made me give a little toast.

Mani's and Pedi's for all!

Getting ready...


Respectable cake cutting...yes that is a frog climbing to the bride.

My hair was curled....very curly....

Not sure what the bride is doing here...she's going the opposite direction of everyone else?
I am so very happy for Melissa and George I am so very glad the weekend was all that she wanted. Congratulations to the new couple!